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Les Acadiens de l’Île, chronique d’une renaissance

Renaissance of the Island Acadians

A warm look at a little-known community, Renaissance of the Island Acadians chronicles the refrancization of the Francophone minority of Prince Edward Island, which lost most of its schools in 1968 and witnessed the anglicization of an entire generation. Today, the children of these assimilated Acadians are reconquering the language of their ancestors in Francophone schools the islanders have fought long and hard to establish.

Length: 52 min
Production year: 2004
Production: Productions Testa, National Film Board of Canada
Producer(s): Anne-Marie Rocher et Claudette Jaiko
Director: Anne-Marie Rocher
Writer: Anne-Marie Rocher
Broadcaster(s): TV5- TV5 Monde and TFO

Version française

English version