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Guy Rocher, un sociologue militant

Guy Rocher Sociologist as Protagonist

Well-known sociologist and activist Guy Rocher has been involved in many of the major reforms that have shaped Québec society, namely as a member of the Parent Commission and a high-ranking official in the René Lévesque government. He has been both an attentive witness and a key player in the development of modern Québec. In this documentary, Guy Rocher takes a lucid, optimistic look at the Québec he has been observing for nearly five decades.


  • Bronze Plaque Award, Columbus Film Festival, U.S.A., 2002

Length: 52 min
Production year: 2002
Production: Productions Testa and the Banff Center
Producer(s): Anne-Marie Rocher
Director: Anne-Marie Rocher
Writer: Anne-Marie Rocher et Pierre Viau
Broadcaster(s): Télé-Québec

Version française

English version