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André Markowicz, la voix d’un traducteur

André Markowicz, the voice of a translator

A translator of Russian origin living in France, André Markowicz undertook the task of retranslating the complete works of Dostoyevsky in 10 years. Considered one of the greatest translators of our time and highly sought after by the most eminent stage directors, he is a controversial figure in the areas of translation and theatre. Markowicz is a pioneer, in that he has introduced the notion of rendering the “voice” of the work, which had never been done before.


  • Jury Prize, International Festival of Films on Art, Montreal, 1999
  • Literary Educational Prize, Festival international du film d’art et pédagogique, Paris, 1999

Length: 53 min
Production year: 1999
Production: Productions Testa
Producer(s): Anne-Marie Rocher
Director: Anne-Marie Rocher
Writer: Anne-Marie Rocher
Broadcaster(s): Télé-Québec

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