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About us

Productions Testa: A documentary film production company

Productions Testa is a documentary film production company that has been teaching us about people and communities with different or unique realities since 1993.

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Anne-Marie Rocher, the heart and soul of Testa

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Productions Testa inc., was founded by Anne-Marie Rocher with the primary objective of making documentaries. Between 1993 and 2006, a number of Anne-Marie’s award-winning films were shown throughout the world.

Anne-Marie became head of the National Film Board of Canada’s Toronto production studio in 2006. Among her many achievements at the NFB, she produced Entre les lignes/Front Lines and Le Royal 22e Régiment en Afghanistan/The Van Doos in Afghanistan by Claude Guilmain, Les épouses de l’armée/Nomad’s Land and Enfants de soldats/Children of Soldiers by Claire Corriveau, Le secret d’un moine/A Monk’s Secret by Yves Étienne Massicotte and Courage by Geoff Bowie.

In 2012, Anne-Marie went back to being an independent producer and filmmaker. Her recent works include the feature-length Forêts urbaines : une planche de salut/ Urban Forests: A Lifeline for the Future (SRC-NFB), the series Droit comme un F/The Fight for Francophone Rights (TFO and NFB), the documentary Correspondant du Grand Nord/Letters from the North (TV5UNIS) and the series Qu’est-ce qu’on sauve?/What do we save? (TV5UNIS).

An accomplished producer, director and screenwriter, Anne-Marie has quite a few feathers in her cap. She treats her subjects with sensitivity, curiosity and respect, and views the world from an authentic, disciplined and honest perspective. A number of her projects have won awards over the years.

Award-winning documentaries by Anne-Marie Rocher

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Guy Rocher Sociologist as Protagonist

  • Bronze Plaque Award, Columbus Film Festival, U.S.A., 2002
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André Markowicz, the voice of a translator

  • Jury Prize, International Festival of Films on Art, Montreal, 1999
  • Literary Educational Prize, Festival international du film d’art et pédagogique, Paris, 1999
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For Gugging

  • Special Jury Prize, Festival international du film d’art et pédagogique, Paris, 1996
  • The Chris Award, first prize in the Art section, International Film and Video Festival, Columbus, Ohio, 1996
  • Silver Key, Festival Ciné-Vidéo sur la santé mentale, Lorquin, France, 1996
  • Video Prize, Les Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois, Montreal, 1997
  • Nomination, Hot Docs Festival, Toronto, 1997
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